Early Steps of Human Growth

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Since April 2015, My life is changing drastically.I Love Babies like this much →                         ←

*Few years after clicking the (SPACE BAR) on Screen*

And, as soon as I heard the News that My Sisters are Pregnant, I was overjoyed. Well, I can say that I got the 'Joy-Attack' deep inside. Can You imagine what is 'Joy-Attack'?

Literally, I can say that it feels like the wave smashes the rocks or cliffs as strong as it can be, or it feels like You climb up the stairs to the top of Batu Caves Temple then You sliding down on the slides as fast as it can be, or it feels like You suddenly been pushed out to do the Bungee Jumping.(AND THE LIST GOES ON)

As the ratiocination, I have bundle of joy when they were born like few Months ago. Named (Tuah Harith and Safwa).

Every single day goes by, I watched their growth. Try to understand the Baby Language even obviously, I will not get any success results in understanding their Language. Gosh, how amazing that Human can grow that fast. How fascinating!
I mean, the way they cry to show the hungriness.Wait, is that word even exists? Ignore.

The first soft-skills that the Almighty Creator gave to them to suck the N***LES as their source of foods and drinks. The development of Human growth is just amazing and interesting. I can say that it's magical. 
May I rephrase the word 'DEVELOPMENT'. In other words, I can replace that word with 'IMPROVEMENT'. I mean, Human are created to make improvement. As time goes by, I can see there are lots of DESTRUCTION/DAMAGES done by the hands of Human. I mean, looking back our History of Growth. Of how much improvement We did during our childood. And look at ourselves now.

Are We actually making IMPROVEMENT?Seriously, I'm not even close to be as a Motivator. I'm just a random Blogger. Well, that's just suddenly crossed My mind like a lightning. Doom! Doom! Doom! (Onomatopoeia)


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