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Greetings Readers,

I have several Blogs before I have this one. I have deleted all of them due to the fact that I blogged on immature thinking, and idiotic writing as they did suit with My age during that time.

I am in the Holy month of Ramadhan. Honestly, I don't remember the exact date today in Islamic Calendar. Please, don't assume that fast. Hold on.

As the matter of fact, I really had hard times in remembering dates. Even if I'm using the Lunatic Calendar. Friends simply get annoyed with Me when I can't even remember their Birthday 😭 I'm sorry Guys.

I have the "I don't care what the day and date" type of attitude. Am I the only Person on Earth who has that type of attitude?

Is there any specific tips to remember days and date? Instead of self-conscious.

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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