If I Was...

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I have always daydreaming about  lot of things. Well, I'm not sure either those are My dreams or My vision or goals in life?

I have read several novels like Harry Potter series, Dork Diaries series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and much more English novels. I hate to admit that I love to read those Science Fiction English Novels, because People will judge Me as WEIRDO.

Those Novels about Greece's Gods, Witches things, and those illogical Novels. I just love to read them. They do broaden My mind. Really?

I really hope one day I can be like JK Rowling/Thomas Hardy/Martin Lings/Enid Blyton and those famous writers. At least, I can write My own Novel or Article that changes people's mind. PERHAPS.

Yea, but writing does changing people's mind instead of talking. Writing is so powerful. Even in Surah Al-Baqarah (If You're Muslim), Allah tells us, if You think Quran as a piece of good writing and art, why don't You try to write like one? I mean this does not mean You need to write something as good as Quran. Well, surely You can't ever beat it. This simply means, even Islam is actually encouraging piece of writing or literature.

William Shakespeare is good as well. His playwright like Othello/Macbeth/Romeo and Juliet. Those are undeniably incredible. After all, He's GAY. I mean, he wrote hundreds of Poem regarding the negativity of Women, and how much He hates Women. EHEM *Clears Throat*

P/S: My Mum asked Me to do rice-cooking. YUP! I'm super lazy.

Ruqayya Fuad


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