Knight In Shining Armor

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Well the title is quite over-exaggerating.

In this "Short Story", I'm going to tell You Guys about HIM ♡ And this post is specially made for HIM.

I know Him since 2009, back when I was still in High school. We were in the same School. After all, He was a Mechanical Student, and I was an Electrical Student. But, We were not even friend when We were in High school. But I can easily recognized Him for three reasons:

• He is one of the smartest students in our School.
• He has a look like Malaysian Actor. HAHAHAHA.
• He was My friend's boyfriend.

When We got our SPM's Results; He started to greet Me via Instant Message on Facebook. But, it was a very simple and short conversations. It took Me a little by surprise because We have never spoke to each other when We were in School.

Few years after, We accidentally been in the same Clan for the Game Clash of Clan. Since then, We have become closer.

He's the one started to greet Me via Whatsapp first. Well, I'm still in a little bit of confuse whether I need to greet Him back or I just stay quiet. I chose to have a longer conversations with Him. I can say that, I didn't regret with My decision at all.

Hey Biee, I've never been this sure of how much I want You compare to other Guys back then. I've never been this happy before I met You.

All Your little imperfections start making sense to Me. The way You pronounce letter 'R', Your ticklish part at the bottom of Your spine, Your "Bigfoot" feet, Your messy Hair, the way You manipulate facts, Your snoring in the middle of the Night, and lots more imperfections that I've known so far.

Surprisingly, all of them make Me love You even more.

Hey Wahyu Hidayat, don't You ever dare to change Yourself to someone else. I love every inches of You. Every inches of Your curves, edges, flaws, and imperfections. You make Me believe that I can love someone this high, I can lower My ego as much as this.

If everyone hates Me because of My relationship with You. At least, can't everyone sees of how much happier I am now when I'm with You? Can't everyone just be happy that I finally meet a man that has almost the same strength and heroic things like My Father?

You make Me believe that I finally found a Man who can protect Me just like My Father, a Man who can be manly and masculine as much as My Father can do. It has been almost 5 Years I'm looking for someone who I can rely on, who I can finally be Her Lady. I'm super glad that I found You.

I've never been this crazy in love before, I've never been this happier before, I can finally stop pretending and reveal My real self, I can finally say to all My friends that I'm really happy without even 1% of doubting.

Please Please Please, don't let all this happiness go away. Protect our relationship.

I want to be the one who will cook for You, iron Your Shirts and Pants, wash and dry Your clothes, be Your Couch Partner, be Your Sleeping Partner, tidy up/clean up all Your mess, neat up Your necktie when You're about to go to office, be the one who will help Your Mother in the Kitchen, be the Sister to Your Youngest Sister, be the one who will take an utmost attention and care when You're sick, be the Mother to Your children, be the one who will raise and give good education to Your children, be Your sweetest enemy, the loyalest listener to all Your stories, be Your bestest friend, be Your excellent Teacher, be Your private Maid, BE YOUR WIFE.

I'm sorry of being so annoying with all of this. But, I swear from the bottom of My heart, I want to be Yours wholeheartedly and I meant everything I wrote above.

I Love You so much Wahyu Hidayat ♡

Ruqayya Fuad


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