Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Hello Earthlings,

I'm really not sure of why I write 'Earthlings'. Does that actually means Creatures Who Live On Earth? Why don't I name them as 'Earthians'?
The thing is, it doesn't matter at all. And I don't think the word 'Earthlings' even exists. HA HA HA.

I have a confession:

I have OCD. That is one of Psychological Problems.

After few research on OCD, I believe I'm one of them. In United States of America, there is only 1% people who suffer of OCD. I'm not sure for the statistics in Malaysia.

In fact, those who lived with OCD most probably will die because of it. Chill out. What is OCD to be exactly?

OCD can be divided into Four Categories:

• Afraid of Bacteria
• Overzealous of Organization
• Unwanted Sexual Thoughts
• Fear of Violence

Each categories has more than 1 Symptom. And there are 10 General Symptoms to clarify whether You have OCD or not. I have 9 out of 10 Symptoms.
I believe My OCD is getting worse. And I'm very sure that I fall under the 'Overzealous Organization' category.

Let Me tell You why:

I want everything to be very perfect in order. Each stuffs should be in symmetrical order. If I want to arrange a Pen, I'll make sure I put the Pen exactly straight on a table or in whatever container.

Everything should looks perfectly neat. Every single thing must has their own Home. Even the tiniest thing like Paperclips or Erasers.
My Makeup Stuffs, I will put them based on category of 'For Face', 'For Body', 'For Legs' and so forth. They are all being categorized and put in one side of the box. And all the brands should face to the front where I can clearly see them, and should be put symmetrically straight.

Even My Lipsticks, I arranged them under Brands and Colour Coded. 

(I don't have too much Lipsticks)

Moving on to My Wardrobe. Some of My friends and family will call Me insane. I have labeled each category for My Wardrobe:

• The Sleeveless Tops Part
• The Kurungs Part
• The Cardigan/Jacket and Sweater Part
• The Panties and Socks Part
• The Long Sleeves Part
• The list goes on, I don't have enough energy to write them all. HAHAHA. Please laugh.

I have colour coded them. And fold them like seriously nice. And put in symmetrically straight.

I realized that My OCD is getting worse. But, I don't think that I need to go and see Psychologist. I'm so happy living with this type of disorder. It brings truly satisfaction.

Oh Yea! Who else will fold EACH Plastics Bags after shop anything, and categorize them into 3 Sections of Small, Medium and Large. And colour coded them. Who else?
I'm the one who will organize My Wardrobe every week. Organizing Refrigerator every week.


The truth is, after I make My bed neatly, I will not lay on it. I prefer to lay down on the floor. Unless, it is night which is time to sleep. During the day, I will never lay down on My bed after I clean it.

I will cry when things get messed up or not put in symmetrically perfect. I will be so stressful until I barely couldn't talk to anyone.

P/S : I wish there are more People like Me.

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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