Small Talk

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Last night I went to one of My best friends' House. Her name is Farah Hanum. It has been almost a year We didn't see each other because both of us are madly busy.

She's now pursuing Her Practical in Bukit Bintang Boys School as English Teacher. We did talk for few hours about life/studies/plan bla bla bla.

Then She asked Me when will I graduating from IIUM. Apparently, I will graduate from IIUM in February 2019. Then We talked about future plan after the Degree since Hanum is about to finish Her Degree in UM. How lucky.

Then I said that, if I'm lucky enough to get any scholarship supporting Me to pursue My Master in England. I want to pursue Master in University of Exeter. Like damn I want it. But I'm not that good. Or, I still want to pursue My Master in IIUM. It's just easier. I have two options.

Then She asked, if I got the offer to pursue Master in England, when will I get married? HAHAHAHA LOL.

I'd rather choose studying abroad for few more years than getting married. And if after I finish up My Master, still nobody wants Me. It's okay.

I can just keep pursuing My PhD. LOLS.

Ruqayya Fuad


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