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And I'm really not sure of why I put the 'Star' Symbol on the Title.

Abah constantly complaining about programmes like 'Gotcha Call', 'Crappy Call' or 'Panggilan Hangit'.

He hates those programmes on Radio just like everyone hates the smell of Cat's shit. He says that those programmes are such a waste.

There is not even one law in Islam giving permission to tease/prank people like that.
Nonetheless, I'm agree with Abah's argument. I'm not saying that I'm a serious-type of Person. No. Not even close. I love to 'bahan' people around Me.

I just hate the idea of calling people and mock on people's feeling like that.

Even I can say about a Hadith regarding Islamic view on making jokes/humour. Rasulullah said that, it is not wrong to make jokes or humour. In fact, making jokes and make others laughing have been encouraged in Islam. After all, making jokes/humour/prank has its' own limit.

I recommend those Radio Channel, let's try other programmes. Try to make something more educating and fun.

Okay, tomorrow is Eid'. So! I have to do exuberance of works. Bye for now.

Ruqayya Fuad


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