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Please, just don't ask Me about the Title.
Let us all be clear, this is Two Thousand Fifteen.

In 7 Billion People on this Earth, I can tell around 3% of them who are born in the year of Millennium (2000++)

Y-Gen: This should make us assume lots of good things come from this Generation (Those Y-Gens).

But it turns out not that well. This doesn't mean, those Y-Gens bring a lot of disaster to this world or what. But, let us all be honest. It's really hard to find at least ONE Person from this Generation who clearly has goal in His/Her future life. What I mean is, goal in study/ambition.

When I scrolling down My Instagram's Account, it breaks My heart to see this generation is truly disastrous.
MALAYSIAN, to be precise.
Those kids between age 10 - 17

Gosh, at that age I'm so innocent that I still eat Nasi Lemak and the Sambal will accidentally splashed on My Veil. What The Hell right?

And what I found out now... Those kids are sooooooo matured before the age, they start dressing up like an adult and chasing popularity on Social Sites. This is what I can call, living in Pop-Culture.

Those boys who captured picture of them showing their middle finger. And those Girls and Boys who will hanging out around Kuala Lumpur on Weekend doing nothing.
Kids, believe Me. You will not go to University with Your effort of chasing popularity on Social Sites.

REALLY, I'm not even close to jealousy. What I'm trying to say is :

Use Your young age to study as much as You can. Be hardworking as much as You can. Be brave in planning future as much as You can. Popularity on Social Sites will not last long.

You Guys and US will be the generation that perhaps can change the chaos in Malaysia to peace from every aspect.

OR, Am I the one who wrong? Because I'm too ambitious in changing the world to be a better place to live? Sorry.

These Guys are Fourteen to Fifteen. OH My.
These Guys are Fourteen to Fifteen. Save them.
These Guys are Twelve to Fourteen. Obviously, They need extra help.

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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