Muslims and Globalization: Untangle the Way Out From the Darkness of Grievances Sagaciously

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Though the word “globalization” is a 20th century one, the concept or practical meaning of the word is not. Many eastern civilizations, from India to China, for example, had embarked on globalization where different linguistic, cultural, religious, racial and economic backgrounds co-existed largely peacefully before Western colonization took place. Globalization can be argued of having both positive and negative impact on modern human society. The results of globalization can be seen today in the form of multiculturalism which can be regarded as generally positive, while consumerism, another product of globalization, is mostly viewed as the poison of modern society. This article will argue that with the beginning of the decline of American global influence, multiculturalism will expand rapidly to replace the   domination of a single superpower with a much more democratic way of co-existence between nations and cultures of the world. With this new global order, multiculturalism will shape things to come. Indeed, Muslim society like other societies which have be part of globalization it has changed the way they think and behave.

This article will scrutinize actions that can be taken to overcome the oblique views from other societies towards Muslims. The systematic provocations, Islamophobia, discrimination, and suspicious apparently lead Muslims to take unexpected actions. For instance, the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France giving complete traumatism to the world. They start to think how berserk Muslims towards the freedom of speech and expression. In fact, they think all Muslims are narrow minded in freedom of speech and expression. After all, the terrorism action is from the individual himself, and it is unjust to stereotype all Muslims are terrorist. Basically, there are few modus operandi that Muslims could take to overcome this situation judiciously.

In the midst of chaotic world, where everyone in finding the best solutions to those predicaments, a few group of Muslims from some parts of the world endeavoring to overcome those problems. Shulman, R (2012) highlights efforts by some Muslims especially women in tackling rising social and moral problems. In Morocco for example, these women are called ‘Murshida’ and they highly trained to deal with teen pregnancy, alcohol, drug abuse and AIDS. This is one example how some Muslims today are taking action rather than simply talking. Unfortunately, the number of Muslims who are taking proactive actions is small. Doubtlessly, the chaos of the world and the systematically provocations infuriated Muslims. Thus, increasing social problems. In addition, this is more embarrassing when social problems are mostly committing by those who are Muslims. ‘Murshida’ are group of Muslims precisely women who take proactive measures to help reducing social problems. ‘Murshida’ searching and gather the group of problematic people to be given moral support, advice and provide guidance in terms of Islamic religious education them. As stated in the New Straits Times dated March 5, 2015 under the heading “Put into practice a religion of moderation” of those who receive religious education in a simpler way and has been nurtured from childhood could reduce social problems from continuing.

The existence of Union of Islamic Organization of France (UIOF) is equally important in helping the right education about politics and religion. This is due to the fact that, the lack and shortages of Islamic education and politics towards young Muslims. Those inefficiencies lead to Islamism or Radical Islam. Yahya, H (2015) believes many young Muslims join Islamic State (IS) because of the propaganda techniques, those who are ignorant of religion are prefer to defend Islam emotionally rather than debate the issue intellectually. Interestingly, many fighters and volunteers for IS come from many different countries including the West as well as from different cultural economic background. This shows how essential the existence of UIOF for the young Muslims in the West precisely. On the other hand, UIOF is an organization in supporting each other Muslims by giving moral supports and strengthen the unity of Muslims. As mentioned in the world press of how obsessive the Non-Muslims in the West especially stab Islam with exuberance of provocations that might inflame the anger of Muslims. Indeed, this is the crucial part whereby the UIOF should role playing to educate the Muslims in the West to keep calm, and debate do not easily fall into the trap.

Furthermore, as what has been stressed out by Biddle, C (2006) under the article ‘Religion versus Free Speech’ that the Non-Muslims should best realize that the right of freedom of speech derived from God and a person should not violate the rights by offending God. In fact, Bible says the same thing. One should not be unlimited in using the freedom of speech. After all, the systematic provocations commit by the Non-Muslims in the West as Charlie Hebdo for example that simply infuriating Muslims to attack the Charlie Hebdo’s staffs cruelly. Aziz, A (2015) argues that the Charlie Hebdo tragedy is not unexpected. In line with other tragedies like killing in Copenhagen, and massive attack in Bardo National Museum in Tunisia made world viewing Islam as harsh and brutal. Those few groups, such as the Murshida in Morocco, UIOF, West Valley Muslim Association in New York, and over fifty Muslim Organization in United States of America play an important role in strengthen the unity of Muslims at once educate the young Muslims to not fall into the trap of the West. Those who are fall into the trap are because they are at their weakest point and they are blinded in seeing other alternatives way to defend Islam.

On the contrary, the other social ills just birth out which can be call as gadget fatigue. This is undeniably one of the challenges for Muslims living in the digital age. Obsession with digital technology can have a negative impact on society because it may create social recluse (Jaafar, 2015). In Japan, they put a term ‘hikikomori’ for those coveys who are literally shut-ins themselves and becoming digital addicts. In the other words, mostly young Muslims today misuse the facility given. In spite of that, the no boundaries knowledge could be use by young Muslims today in defending Islam wisely. The generation today, should be more creative and critical in thinking on how to defend Islam judiciously and without being emotional. Nevertheless, what happen today is vice versa as many Muslims respond violently and ineffectively to the organized provocations. Today, the Muslims world is facing the growing tendency of many young people who choose violence and radicalism to defend the prophet and religion (Yahya, 2015). Radicalism among Muslim youth is spreading via social media. Another reason why most young Muslims become radical is because their understanding is limited and misinterpretation towards Islam either it is too literal or narrow. The young Muslims today should learn on how to write excessive amounts of articles to defend Islam intellectually.

Additionally, the Muslim’s Journalists should include Muslims’ opinions, perspectives, solid arguments supported by Quranic verses and Hadiths. Giving robust arguments might trigger out clear understanding about Islam and its’ holiness for all the people around the globe. In producing these types of young Muslim’s journalists, all universities should create more ‘thinking graduates’ (Karim, 2014). This means, instead of the learning process in university following closely to the syllabus, they should create more entertaining learning process and perhaps creating new subject to enhance the critical and creative thinking of students. As an illustration, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has Creative Thinking and Problem Solving subject that apparently enliven the thinking skills among the students. To simplify, writing more articles to defend Islam that has been treated ridiculously is undoubtedly one of the best ways to debate the issue brilliantly. In point of fact, Muslims over-emphasized their suffering and problems (Merican, 2015). Instead of exaggerating our problems or expostulate the West and expecting us to get the privilege, we have to stand firm and use the print and the digital media skilfully to deal with provocations.

Living in the world of modernity, and dealing with digital age it is momentous for the family institution getting involved and concern towards this issue. Unfortunately, this issue regarding radicalism, tricky propaganda, and organized provocations might damage our future generation. In dealing with all social ills, Muslims should not get influenced by the negativeness. However, family institution of Muslims should be more positive thinking in order to unriddle these problems at once seeing things wider. Indeed, family institution might be part of globalization and key to figure out alternative ways to avoid more Muslims snare in social ills or dealing with systematic provocations as well as Islamophobia by involving in extremism.  Arumugam, T (2015) highlights that parents must note signs of kids being influenced by terrorists. As what can be quoted from Collette Gee the Holistic Love Coach and Speaker from the Huffpost Living Canada website “stop blaming other people and pick up a mirror”. This should have been done by Muslims today to check upon ourselves and find out our weaknesses to improve them.

            As mentioned previously, family institution is the vital key in noticing any behavioural changes towards their children. Perhaps, their children’s behaviours change drastically of being too extreme and out-spoken when it comes to religion issue. Next, the parents should notice the change in dress code of their children and routine that quite abnormal. Not only that, but also the parents should mind if their children have unusually secretive behaviour and spending time more on social networks. Additionally, if the parents notice their children has a sudden close friendship with an anonymous, and their children start to change their way of interact or the different in their children’s language, the parents must figure out the way to strengthen the relationship between the parents and the children. To save the future generation and to stand firm defending Islam, Muslims must arise and be creative to nurture love among Muslims ourselves foremost in a family institution. The shocking incident whereby a 14 year old girl was recently arrested at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in attempting heading to Cairo, Egypt to marry a student there before going to Syria and joining the IS must be avoided.

            Consequently, ‘globalization’ can be a word that possessed the perspective of positive impact, or the impression of negative part. After all, when it comes to the word ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ which have been globalized and giving the auto-bad notions after a lot of tragedies triggered by Muslim. From the 1980s, it was not just Muslims who look like exaggerating our problems; this can be say that the Western people are less in concerning their social problems. In fact, they prefer to concern more on economic, and health. Essentially, still giving the better perspective on Islam, and Muslim needs efforts and a lot of improvements. In other words, accounting our failures, faults, and weaknesses in order to fix the parts which wrong, to improve self rather than sit back and relax.

Ruqayya Fuad


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