Short Story - PART I ( To Be Continue...)

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       She sits and looks out through the open window. Her pulchritudinous, shiny-long and sandy-haired hair waving. Sometimes, Her hair slowly sweeps Her face. She's thinking about exuberance of things. Well, sometimes the things that does not need extra care. She's just the overthinking type of person. Then, She stands and walks to the window. Watching the happy faces of kids playing at the field in front of Her modest House. Her afterthought suddenly stopped when the Mr. Richard the Postman honks as a sign there is a letter for Her. She runs and open the door, greets Mr. Richard with Her grin. “What an important letter is it, Emma?” Said by the sociable and kind Mr. Richard. “Is there any non-important letter? Yet again it delivers by You Mr. Richard. Beautiful day ahead Sir?” Says Emma who pretends to act happier in front of Mr. Richard. “My son, Craig is about to come back home! How can a father stop this excitement? Indeed. That is apparently what I wished for every single day, Emma. You're such a sweet girl Emma. Well then, enjoy Your important letter. There's much more to deliver!

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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