So Entertaining - Bullier & Bullied

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I have few friends who are studying in UiTM. Even My eldest sister was studying in UiTM Shah Alam for Her Diploma and Degree.

As for Myself, the word 'Stupid' for those who are studying in UiTM has never come across My mind before.


Recently, I see lots and lots of negative comments and defensive arguments from UiTM Students regarding few issues.

And I wonder, why is that Students from other Universities make fun of them (Those who studying in UiTM), ridicule and mock them. Why? Why is that exactly?

The answer is simple. The more You become defensive and purely idiot in Your arguments, the more people around You will make fun of You.

I mean, there are other Universities have been made fun of, but their students keep silent. Well, clearly that does not mean they are coward. That simply means "Takde guna nak layan benda/gurauan kasar yang bodoh dari Mereka yang bodoh".

Well, finally I use Malay Language Phrase. Obviously, UPSI was been made fun by those People around Malaysia regarding the issue of Adam Adli. But UPSI-ian kept silent. Why? Because there is no function to defend. There's no use. And it does not mean You lose.

UTeM - Regarding the issue of their students are so snob and arrogant. They keep silent. Why? Because there's no use to defend for those silly stupid jokes.

UMK - Regarding the issue of students will get 1 iPad after paying their fees. Why they keep in silent? There's no use.

And many other issues involving other Universities around the Globe.

And I have piece of advice. 
Shut the fuck up. You don't have to defend for every silly-stupid-idiotic-pathetic jokes from those around You. Those are bullier. The more You try to defend, the more You look stupid. I mean, how entertaining to see You Guys try so hard open up all type of facts/laws and everything else just to defend from those silly-stupid-idiotic-pathetic jokes.

And those who make fun of other University;
Shut the fuck up. Mind Your own business. If You are working, You better be focus with what You're doing. And if You're studying, focus with Your course. Make fun of others will not make You any smarter or make Your CGPA goes any higher. And if You are not working/studying, You are the major loser. Just shut up.

All in all : SHUT UP. It is so frickin' annoying.

Asian's Culture : If You don't have anything good to say, You better keep Your mouth shut.

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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