Worst Distraction

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That seems cheeky and bitchy at the same time?

He is My worst distraction. I need to control this emotion. Have You ever stare at someone deeply without He/She noticing?

And You just feel that kind of breath-taking when You stare at Him/Her. Your heart starts to skip a beat. 

And You just have that one phrase on Your mind when You stare deeply at Him/Her.

"Damn, how can I not love You?"

I thought that it's just ridiculous. But, I accidentally stare at Him for few times and just think that;
"Oh how can I not love Him? Where have You been all this while? Damn, I frickin' in love with this Man. This is the man that will be My husband one fine day."

Probably We both just so new in this relationship. And We will go through lots of challenges, dealing with shits, problems and all. Just please, I don't want to lose this feelings.

Hey Biee, You're part of My happiness. And remember, every time You see smile carves from My lips, part of that smile is You. 
I just couldn't ask for more. Because You are more than every thing I could have asked for.

Wahyu Hidayat : I'm so in love with You. Like madly in love. If I can just knock on Your door right this time, I promise I will go. But I can't due to so much reasons.

Feels like crying because I miss You.

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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