Been Awhile

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Well, it's been awhile I didn't post anything here. It's because of two reasons :

1. The Semester Starts

2. I'm busy

Okay, it's already 3:05AM. And I could not even close My eyelid. I have to say for those out there who might stop on this Blog and read all the craps I wrote. This is one of ways I write to My future husband (Insha Allah). Yes I can write to Him via Whatsapp or any other Social Accounts. Well I guess, it's My blog. It's up to Me.

First thing first : I Miss You Baby.
I want You to know, what ever happens between us, it does happen. But the love for Me towards You is unbreakable. I know I'm so clingy, too attached with You. It's been one of My needs to hear Your voice everyday.

It does matter for Me to see Your face everyday. I'm sorry if I ever seemed like bothering You. I'm sorry for over-checking up on Your Social Accounts more than I should do. It's My fault. Deep from the core of My heart, I admit. It's My fault. It was like the suicidal operation to over-stalk Your Social Accounts. And Yes, it's also My fault for being so emotional.

Baby, I do love arguments as much as You do. But I hate arguing with You. I hate arguing with People I love like My Mum, My Dad, My Siblings, and YES You Baby.

It have been two weeks We didn't meet. And YES. It's so hard for Me. Because I miss You. I can't help, but writing this in tears. I miss Your jokes, the way You tease Me, the way You persuade Me even though You are so clueless in persuading. Your smile, GOSH. To see You smiling is such a bless. Your giggle, the way You stare Me, Your smell. OH Damn Your smell. The way You tickle Me. I miss every single thing about You.

Please, stop trying to be perfect. You've already perfect in My eyes. I feel like hugging You right now, and at least I wish a hug from the back from You right at this time. I'm sorry sometimes I forgot on how You've tried so hard, You put all Your effort as much as You can to win My heart as I got carried away with the emotions.

IF there is a competition or race in winning My heart, You will already be on the first place and will forever be on first place.

Remember that every one knows that I always know what I want, as I am the decisive type of Person?

I know that I want You more than just a Boyfriend. I want You to be My Husband (Insha Allah).

Sweetheart, I'm sorry that I am a Person full of flaws and imperfections. And it's My hope for You to accept My flaws and these imperfections.

The phrase 'I Miss You' or 'I Love You' are just not enough to express of how much I torn up, crushed My heart to wake up each Morning realizing You're not here by My side. I'm so in love with You and I really want to take care of You right from You wake up on every Morning, until You sleep tight on each Night.

I just want to be Yours; Till My last breath.

Faithfully Waiting;

Your Dearest Girlfriend.

Ruqayya Fuad


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