Forever Questions I Have

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Why I'm learning English Language? Why I think that English Language is so important?

First and for most, this Post specially published for all companies which don't give a damn to help the Language Course Students in term of Financial.

Second and also for most, I am not the best English Course Student in My batch, or in My University, and surely not in Malaysia. I have flaws in My language, well that's the first reason why I'm still studying English Language as to sharpen My English Language Skills.

*Inhale - Exhale* بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Have You ever like ever thought of what will happened to the first civilization of Human without Language? Have this ever came across Your mind of how Humans communicate if there is no language? Yes, they probably used the Sign Language (While they have Voice).
Can You imagine what will happened to a grown up process of a Baby without Language?
Can You imagine if Animals do not get the inspiration to communicate using their own Language?

Have You ever think that what will happened to You if there is no Language used by Your Teacher/Lecturer to educate You. Probably Your Teacher/Lecturer might use the Hand Gestures/Body Gestures to teach You in class. Hahahahaha. Okay not funny.

And do You remember what was the first divine revelation sent to Muhammad SAW? In Surah Al-Alaq regarding reading and seeking knowledge. What will happened if that first divine revelation was not sent down in a Language by Jibreel?

So now You get the Picture. Without Your Mum who starts to teach You simple English Words as Your preparation in facing English Class at school, as that will be develop by Your Teacher. You will actually know nothing.

Without those stupid Alphabet Books :

A for Apple. B for Ball. C for Cup, You will never cope with English Language Studies. And Yes, the first book and the oldest technology. Without the oldest technology made by eldest human civilization, there will be no books at all. But without the creativity that had been spoken using a language regarding the invention of creating book machine, then that would be ridiculous.

Now, let Me narrow it down. Will there be any connection between Humans all around the world without the International Language understood by all Humans (Lingua Franca)? So Yes. Proper and Formal Language Education does important. 

Anyone in this world could say that Language Studies is simple. Can that be even more ridiculous? We've started informal education for English Language since We were 5 Years old in Kindergarten. We've been introduced with simple words in English. And I can say that each human beings in this world at least practicing or implying English Language in their daily life at least twice a day. Correct? At least there will be one or two words used by us in our daily life. Isn't it?

Language is simple and easy? Well, think back.

We have learned it since We were at a very young age until probably now, but why OH why? There are so many people out there that couldn't make at least an essay with zero Grammatical Error, Good Sentence Structure, Fully-Contented? Why? So, English is not that easy right? I mean, even the Ministers' Speech (In English) written by those who studied English Language. What I'm trying to say here is, why not the ministers themselves write their speech by themselves? According to Crystal (2003) believes that only 20.54% Malaysians could speak fluently English Language while apparently Malaysians learned English Language since as early as 3 Years old.

So, English Language Studies or any other Language Studies should be one of the Professional Courses. It's injustice to look upon this course as unprofessional course.

Truly; Me

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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