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There are no hidden intentions on posting this. Let Me give You Facts about Me. Even though, You're not interested in knowing them:

  1. I don't eat Meat.
  2. I am 155.5CM tall and 48KG weighs. But, I always tell lie about My height (156CM/160CM)
  3. I'm in love with Disney Princesses. Those Disney Princesses Movies could make Me emotional.
  4. When I was born, My hair was blonde and it remained until I was in Standard 2 (Partly Blonde).
  5. My nickname in My Parents' village is 'Pot'. It's because I was so 'Putih' when I was little. 
  6. I have 4 Siblings including Me, and We are all Girls.
  7. I eat a lot. I mean, seriously a lot. It's beyond Your expectations.
  8. I prefer comics than novels.
  9. I'm not good at Mathematics. 
  10. I stop drinking milk in bottle when I was in Standard 1. And once I was secretly brought My bottle consisted Milk in My bag when I was in Standard 1.
  11. My first pet was Hamsters. They died because of starvation.
  12. I enjoy talking alone in front of the mirror.
  13. Once I had a habit of biting My nails.
  14. I don't like eating Chocolate Bar or Ice Cream that much.
  15. Once I'd been punished to stand on a chair and got whipped by My Malay Language Teacher due to My behaviour. 
  16. I'm in love with History Subject.
  17. I'm always need blanket whenever I want to sleep or else I won't be sleeping soundly. 
  18. I can't sleep with one Pillow because of My problem in breathing while sleeping. 
  19. I don't get annoyed easily. I try to look on the positive side each time My mind thinks pessimistic.
  20. I have the height and depth of ego same as the height of Mount Everest and depth of Sea of Hindi.

I'm sure there's more. 

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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