3:48 AM - 20 October 2015

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The first and for most thing You need to know that, at 3:30PM I will have an Evaluation Book Test for Reflections on Prophetic History Subject. I borrowed Abah's book entitled "Sejarah Hidup Nabi Muhammad", and it is SERIOUSLY THICK. The task assigned to us, that We need to finish read any books regarding the Prophet hood in 1 Month. Obviously, I didn't succeed.

What did I do? I watched Movie about Prophet Muhammad's Life. And I watched several talk about Prophet Muhammad's Life History. I'm not even close to have a title of 'Good Muslimah'. But, seriously by listen to Prophet Muhammad's History does make Me burst into tears. Touches My heart. And I really need to sleep now, or else I could even get My eyelid opens for classes later on.

Best of Luck, Dear Self.
And, Mama & Abah - I Love You Guys so much.
And, Wahyu Hidayat, I Love You Baby. I'm waiting here excitedly plus patiently for 06 November 2015 onwards. Hope to meet You real soon.

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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