Special Tribute for Encik Mohd Fuad

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Today is My Father's Birthday. Let Me make this clear. I don't have 'Papa' or 'Ayah' or 'Walid' or 'Abi' or 'Daddy' or what ever else You call Your Father. I have Abah.

22 Years I've known Abah. He will always, always be My only SUPERHERO. There will be no other Men could replace His existence. Why? I'll tell You why.

In My eyes, He is the best Man I've ever known in My entire life (Putting aside Prophet Muhammad PBUH - Special Case).

He is about 55 Kilograms weigh, and 155 Centimetres tall. Yes, He is not that tall. He has fair skin, not that much muscular, short haircut style and neat, brown - very brownish eyes, glass-shaped nails, hairy on His feet, a little bit beard (Just a little), pinkish lips, and He's My father.

Indeed, He might be talkative (Just like Me), He gives the finest fatherly advice, He is full of sense of humour, He loves to tease all of His daughters, He loves babbling and grumbling. After all, He is My father, and I love every aspects of His characteristics.

Why He is My Unsung Superhero?
1. He is the best Chef in My house.
2. He loves My Mother with all His heart.
3. He is patience in controlling each problems.
4. He loves cat more than You can imagine.
5. He makes the best jokes.

I've known lots of Men, but no one likely compared to My Father. When I'm sulking, the only Man who will forever succeed in persuading Me, is My Father. Once I had a fight with My eldest sister. So, My Father was the one who knocked on My door and brought Me a glass of Chocolate Milkshake and a piece of Cake to persuade Me.

And all He said about the fight is "Nah. Adik nak Kek tadi tu kan? Ni Abah dah potong kan. Makan sikit. Rasa." Each time He persuades Me, I feel much much much relieved. Or, if I was having little misunderstanding with My mother, Abah will be the one who will drive Me somewhere. And Abah says "Anggaplah itu adalah satu-satunya cara mengajar yang Mama ada. Itu je skill mengajar yang Dia pandai. Dia kan IBU."

I don't know any other Abahs, but My Abah is the one who can sit and listen to all My shitty stories about studies, friends, boyfriend, enemies, sports, politics, cartoons, arts, and literally everything. He will keep listening each time when He fetched Me up from School/University. He will listen to every story. And He gives the best respond. Well, He knows technologies more than those Youngsters, He knows current issues more than those Youngsters. He is My Teacher, My Second Shoulder (After Mama), My Ustaz, and again My Everything.

In fact, He was the first Man who whispered the Iqamat through My ears. He will be My Wali. He is irreplaceable, even if one day I will be tied up to My Husband (Who will take care of Me, who will carry My sins, who will do almost the same thing like Abah does).

All His advices, I will find no other Man like Him. He is My only Abah. There are sooooooooooo much things that I could talk for 3 Days and 3 Nights about Abah.

P/S : This is a late-post. I supposed to post this on My Blog on 08 October 2015. But, I've been a little bit busy recently. I Love You Abah, and there is no doubt about My love towards You, Abah.

Ruqayya Fuad


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