The If and Memories

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If He says that,
He once fell in love with Me because of My eyes,
I was catch a glimpse of His eyes too,
I love His thick-long-edgy eyelashes.

If He says that,
He feels like I'm the cutest woman in His eyes,
He doesn't know that I can't take My eyes off Him.
To think that how lucky I am to have Him.

He probably will never feel of how hurt,
Of how hurt I am,
To fall in love with Him for so many times.

He is the trigger for million smiles carved on My face,
He is the reason why I want to keep healthy,
He is the rationale of I want to be beautiful.
I want to be perfect for Him as much as He is perfecting Me.

I remember His cup-shaped nails,
I remember His wavy hair,
I remember His moles on His neck,
I remember His messy eyebrow,
I remember His big toe,
I remember His smile,
I remember the way He laughs,
I remember the way He stares awkwardly towards Me,
I remember His cynical stares,
I remember His odour,
I remember the smell of His hair,
I remember the soft touch of His hands,
I remember almost every single detail of Him.

You can't tell of how much I feel relieved,
For He holds My hands,
Then He softly massage My thumb for no reason,
But, I can feel of how much He cares for Me.

This distance, but I still can feel Your warmness,
Whenever You hug Me.

Of how much He cares for Me,
He touches My hair repetitively.

I'm always in time of needing You.
I Miss You Baby.

Ruqayya Fuad


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