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I guess this is not a month for Me. Chill out Ruqayya. It's probably few bad months for Me. Not for the entire life.

I feel so damn emotional towards almost everything. Every thing will turn out so well. Just believe in that. Surely I feel so damn sad of having this kind of 'Long-Distance Relationship'. Damn it's hard. Seriously. It tests Me like crazy.

Have a little bit of patience. Dear self, don't be sad. Don't put so much hopes upon things. Don't cling too much. You should be independent. You are independent woman. You can handle Your own problems.

Don't be sad or frustrated. Yes, people will never understand, and will never get the truth about Your feelings. Because You will always hide it. That is why You need to hold on to Yourselves.

It's hard. I lost the idea of showing My true feelings towards something. I lost the skills. I will tell people of how sad I was, but I'm laughing. I will tell people of how angry I was, but I'm laughing and make it as jokes. And when I'm happy, I try to keep it natural.
I will be happy soon. Insha Allah. Just, please. Don't be too sad. Believe that somehow the rain will stop someday, and the Sun will shine brightly. You just need to be patient like what You did before.

❝Patience Has No Limit❞

Ruqayya Fuad


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