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 Those are the pictures on My Facebook's Timeline. This is an absolute rare for Me to give My own opinion regarding the post. Basically, on the rightest picture is a Video of a Talk given by Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed Preacher about Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. And another two pictures are the comments that the video had received.

This is the link to the Video :

I seriously don't get it of why is that Men should be so offensive regarding to this matter. Some say about how women should be so soft to their Husband. Some say about Women are not covering their Aurah properly. SERIOUSLY? Those commenters are mostly Men who tried to defend themselves after watching this Video. Didn't You Guys ever realize of how obedience Women could be after hearing a Preach video from Ustaz regarding covering Aurah or a Woman should fully-obey to their Husband. But, when it comes to this Ustazah saying about how Muslims should follow the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad (Helping wife in the Kitchen) THEY BECOME SO DEFENSIVE.


Give Me a legit reason, WHY?!
Checking back the History of MANKIND Guys! Specifically History of Islamic Civilization. The work in the Kitchen are the work for Men, not for the Wives. At once, women started to feel empathy and help their Husband. Now, it becomes a habitual action and a common culture for EVERY FAMILY to have a Wife that work in the Kitchen. Well, that's not the point. The point here is, what the Ustazah said were all true. Why You Guys have to be so defensive and try to blame Women all of a sudden? The point here is, 'MUSLIMS SHOULD PRACTICE THE SUNNA OF RASULULLAH IN CHARACTER NOT ONLY IN DRESS'.

Back then, during the Prophet-hood, Prophet Muhammad prohibited for every believers in writing or recording the Hadith (Sunna). Because, Prophet believes in PRACTICE rather than WRITING. After the demise of the Prophet, then they started to collect and write the Hadith of the Prophet.

All in all, what I'm trying to say here is, AGAIN I'm not even close to religious-type-of-woman, but if the messages are true, why should everyone becomes so ignorance. Those type of comments, immediately remind Me during the Prophet-hood (Of how ignorance the Quraisy are). When Prophet Muhammad PBUH gave the divine message and ask everyone to do good deeds, most of them started to hate Prophet Muhammad and become so defensive, as they can't accept the truth. Just like what I've seen here.

STOP BEING IGNORANCE. What's right, is right. Let's just take the message by not counting the gender. The message from the video is for everyone.

Again, I'm not even a good person. But, I have My own opinion. 

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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