A History - Part 2

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The next day, I started My first Chemotherapy Session. Over all, I have to finish 12 times of Chemo Sessions. I went to Ward 7B of Ampang Hospital. They had several check up on Me. They took quite a painful number of My blood to test either I have Hepatitis or other diseases as a record for Ward. My chemo session will start at 9:30AM - 7:30PM (Average Count).

After My first chemo session, I can go Home. I was quite dizzy, I have no appetite . I was mood less, and I don't feel like wanna talk to anyone. After 10 Days of Chemo Session, I need to come back to the Ward for Bone Marrow.

It was a minor surgery, since I was half-conscious. And I swear the pain after the surgery was EXTREMELY PAINFUL. I try to smile and show to everyone that I am strong. But seriously I can't. I cried every night, and sometimes I cannot get up from the bed. Right after surgery was done, the rule was I must not get up from the bed for at least 6 Hours. I need to lay down in the same position for 6 Hours.

Thanks Mama who gave Me foods and drinks, and of course thanks Allah for give Me such strength to survive them. After My first chemo session, the Doctor from IPR called Abah. I was confirmed of having Lungs Pulmonary Tuberculosis as well. Those Tuberculosis cells started to damage My lungs. To treat that, I have to eat 4 types of medicines for 7 Months (Every SINGLE DAY). And the effect of the Medicine are the same as having Chemo. So, basically I have double Chemo. HAHA.

After My first chemo session, I went for second. After the second, Doctors were so OVERLY ANXIOUS about Me. Since even after 10 Days, My White Blood Cells counted as 0%. They thought there must be a mistake. So they made several time of blood test. I was so weak. I cannot survive for a long time without White Blood Cells. Nurses giving Me Booster Injection for WBC to grow faster. Alhamdulillah I was survived.

Then... After My second chemo session I need to make the Chemo-port Operation. It was again a minor surgery as I was fully conscious during the Surgery. I've been talkative as usual. Then, the CT Scan again. After the fifth chemo session was the weakest one.

I was vomiting blood, I cannot eat anything. I cannot get up from the bed. I cannot feel My legs. My Parents brought Me back to the Hospital. They put Me in ISOLATION ROOM. I was isolated. I was half-paralyzed. 27 Hours of comma and when I woke up, everyone in the room was wearing masks and some kind of weird apron including My Parents. They cannot touch Me because of My TB. The Expertise came, and said that I am having Chemo's Appendix. So they dripped Me with antibiotic for 4 Hours. 

I cried. Because for every 3 Hours, the Hospital Cleaners will come and clean everything that I touched. It was compulsory for EVERY ONE to put on mask and synthetic apron if they want to see Me. And only two visitors in 1 time are permitted to visit Me.

EXCEPT Mama. She doesn't even give a damn about those rules. She doesn't even want Me to feel isolated. She didn't put any mask or apron when She took care of Me. She had been nagged by the Nurses, but She just couldn't care less.

Long story get short, Alhamdulillah I finished My 12 times of Chemotherapies. Lots and LOOOOOOTSSSS of challenges. And Mama, She is ALWAYS there for Me. I studied for Final Exams, and completed My Assignments when I was in the Hospital.

I managed to attend My Final Exams. Alhamdulillah, good things come later. I managed to get 4 Flat for My Final Semester. Thank You Mama, Abah, Baby, Angah and Along. And of course friends who helped Me, and took care of Me. Especially Enoy who was My Roommate. She helped Me A LOT. She bought Me foods, took care of Me, gave Me medicines and all. And if You've ever feel the world is unfair, You're unlucky or unfortunate, remember this. I was quite less-fortunate before, but I've always thinking "I am so lucky to just have this type of disease. How about other People who perhaps could not even open their eyes, or talk to their Mum?" I mean, there are so many people out there being less-fortunate and still they could feel so lucky. You just need to be stronger, because be strong is the only option You have.

I completed all My treatments in 24 July 2014. I pray, this Cancer will never come back to Me. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Ruqayya Fuad


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  1. Kak Qayya punya cerita sedih sangat, I really, really feel like I wanna cry. I'm wishing you for a healthy life as you living and stay happy always, you are such a strong girl.