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I read few Tweets on certain things about Hukum. And somehow, those people on Media Social simply put laws with saying it is based on Islamic Laws while actually it wasn't.

Recently, I read a statement "Niqab bukan trend. Tapi pakaian sunnah."

What the fuck? Niqab is not "Pakaian Sunnah". There is nothing wrong by wearing Niqab. Seriously. But putting Niqab as 'Pakaian Sunnah'. It's wrong. Sunnah means "The way of life of Prophet Muhammad." There is no Sunnah nor Hadith of Rasulullah saying on Niqab as "Pakaian Sunnah".

In fact, Islam puts limit towards the believers. Islam hates on exaggeration. That is why, Islam says beware on wearing Niqab, it shows a little bit on being extremism. However, Islam never encourage nor discourage the believers to wear Niqab. After all, it depends on the intention.

"Inna mal a'malu binniyyah."

Again, I am not a good Muslimah. Insha Allah one day. But please, don't simply put laws on things You don't even know.

Ruqayya Fuad


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