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Today was the first day of pupils started to get their lazy ass back to school. Who doesn't love the School Holiday? I will always be the one who loves every type of Holiday either I'm in School/University/Office. I bet everyone loves School Holiday.

I'm not a smart student I must say. But, I know I want to learn something new in School/Educational Institution. I'm not sure about students these days. I've been started to go to school since I was 4 Years old. Been seriously in school when I was 5 Years old. I've always be the most happiest student I must admit when it comes to the first day of school.

You might not get the idea of how excited I was when I went for Standard 1 Orientation Day. Mama and Abah bought Me new pair of School Uniform, new stationeries set, new school bag, and new shoes. I was so excited for EVERY First Day of School since I was 5 Years old until I was 17 Years old. Those new things, just got Me SERIOUSLY DAMN EXCITED. I know I'm weird.

But then, I saw My Sister. She wasn't as excited as I was. She hates school, and She said those who are in the last classes hate school more than She does. So, I asked My Sister on Her first day as Form 4 Student today:

Me : So, how was Your school today?
Liyana : Sucks.
Me : Why?
Liyana : Class panas gila. Baby dapat duduk paling belakang and paling hujung. Kerusi Meja semua tak cukup. Apa Cikgu ajar, payah gila nak dengar. Tadi dah mula belajar Physics sikit.
Me : So... How was Physics?
Liyana : Hmmm... Boleh laaa.

*I drove to Mama Hayati's Nursery to fetch My Niece (Safwa)*

Me : So, Shahera macam mana? Okay tak masuk Class Account?
Liyana : Shahera kata, budak class Dia ada yang selamba keluar masuk class padahal Cikgu ada kat depan. *Story-Telling about those types of Pupils*

You don't have any clue how angry I was when I heard about that. I was such an obedience student when I was in School, because I'm afraid of My Mama. She WAS a Police Inspector. Mama is very much fierce than My Disciplinary Teacher.

She ALWAYS told Me this "Cikgu kat sekolah ibarat Parents kedua selepas Mama & Abah. Mama dengan Abah takde kat Sekolah untuk tengok kan Korang. Cikgu je ada. Dengar cakap Cikgu! Hormat Cikgu!"

The sentences are only reason why I respect Teachers. I had been a Kindergarten and Tuition Teacher for almost 7 Months before I entered IIUM to further My Degree. Being a Teacher, is not only because of salary. They want to be teacher, because they want to contribute something towards the next generation. To educate. And I don't have a single clue why those students, can be THAT FRICKIN' RUDE to just go out from the class when the teacher is teaching. If I were the Disciplinary Teacher, I swear that I will make them regret of making Teachers like that.

Education is everything.

I'm not good at all in Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Drawing, Additional Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. But I did attend each classes. WHY THE HELL IS THAT? Because, just a little bit of space in My heart saying that, I know at least, I could improve something.

I was wondering, have their Parents NEVER told them to obey to the teachers? Yes, people these days will started with stupid argument regarding:

"Even if You could achieve a Pointer of 3.99 in University, that might not guarantee You to have a Job. And they who don't even have a Diploma, would actually have a better career than You. Soft Skills is every thing."

Well, hear from Me then. THAT ARGUMENT IS A TOTAL BULLSHIT. Everything is depending on Your effort. In order to have the brighter chances and opportunity to get a fuckin' job, You need to have EDUCATION. Go, go to any places on this Earth, education is necessary. And those who didn't have the opportunity or such a lazy ass to continue Your studies, stop being so fucking stereotyped towards those who got such a great CGPA. Even if Humans BLIND with the effort of a Person, Allah will never be BLIND. It's all depending on WHO HE WANTS TO GIVE THE  R-E-Z-E-K-I.

Imam Ghazali once said, there is no chances in winning on argument, especially with those who didn't have the foundation of knowledge as they can't even understand the point of argument.

Again, Education is EVERY THING. Parents, have a deeper look towards Your children, asked them to be educate. If it necessary, force them.
Well, after all, the first Revelation was Surah Al-Alaq, Verse 1 until 5. This obviously means, seeking knowledge is an obligation.

So, for those students who are so rude towards the teachers, I might say that You Guys really think that, Your Parents' Money will guarantee Your life until 30-40 Years in coming.


Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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