Tidy Up

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It's always make Me feel contentful and the feeling of complete when it comes to tiding up places. I really want to tidy up the whole house after I finished My Final Exam.

I will start by vacuuming My Bedroom, mop the floor, wiping up all the dusts, re-organize My Closet, re-arrange My Makeups and My books. Then, cleaning up the fan, sweeping up the floor and change the bedsheet.

Next, will be My Youngest Sister's Bedroom. Sweeping up the floor, rearrange Her book shelves, stretch Her bedsheet so it will look presentable and giving pleasure to My eyes, fold all Her clothes and re-organize Her messed Wardrobe.

Then, My Parents' Bedroom! Sweeping up the floor, cleaning up the fan, re-organize the Dressing Table, SUPER ORGANIZING Mama's Closet. Change the bedsheet.

Next will be the Living Room. Re-organizing the book shelves, the television shelves, wiping up all the dusts on the table and shelves and all the bijouteries, and sweep up the floor.

Then the Kitchen and Dining Room! Re-organizing the Table for Dine! Seriously, it needs to be cleaned by Mr. Muscle's Glass Cleaner. ERGH. I can't wait to organize the refrigerator, and the plates, and the spoons, and the forks, and all the dining utensils! Sorry for so much 'and'. I'm so excited!

Last! Toilets and the Patio! Those really need a cleaning session with Me! Re-organizing the Toothbrushes and all the other Toiletries! The patio needs serious cleaning session. 

Good Night Everyone. I still have two more papers to survive which are Literary Genres II: Drama and Introduction to Political Sciences.

Ruqayya Fuad


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