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have a surgeon appoinment at 8:00AM (11April 2016). I received a Reference Letter from Ampang Hospital Specialist. That letter adressed to KPJ Tawakkal Surgeon. I was stunted when its' written "The Disease in remission." But the Doctor told Me not to worry. The best option is doing Major Operation of Biopsy. 

I have a lump in My right breast. I have so many commitments. I have to keep happy. But, who knows My exact feelings? I do understand, Mama did her chemoteraphy for 6 times and 5 times radioteraphy before. But, I might do it again after that 12 times of chemoteraphy. It sucks. But, if I need to do it for second time, IT FRICKIN' SUCKS. 

I have to stop crying. People won't understand how painful it was or it is. I almost gave up for several times before. Hey, it sucks.

Ruqayya Fuad


If anyone can have it, I don't want it


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