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Let me bring you to an overview of my life. I am a final year student of English Language and Literature at International Islamic University Malaysia. I am majoring in English Literature and minoring in Islamic Revealed Knwoledge. I am the third out of four siblings. Uniquely my siblings are made up of all ladies.I am also a Diploma holder of English Language from Sultan Idris University of Education. The poet who I greatly admired is Emily Dickinson, whilst the writer who I value the most is Joanne Kathlyn Rowling. Even though I put higher respect to Joanne Kathlyn Rowling according to her writing, I usually dwell myself into English classic literature novel. I might have enough digressing and ramble about myself which I love to share to the readers. Therefore, to read more about myself, kindly click the button below. Thank you.

International Islamic University Malaysia

Bachelor of English Language and Literature

Sultan Idris University of Education

Diploma in English

Gombak Tehnical Secondary School

Engineering Sciences of Electrical and Electronic

Web-Content Writer

Aidan Technologies Sdn Bhd

English Intructor and Tutor

Smart Reader Kids Setiawangsa

Intern as Assisstant to Deputy Dean of Technology

International Business School, IBS

My Skills
Microsoft Office
Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.0
Customer Servicing
Creative Designing


Researches Done


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Creative Writing

I did create several short stories which I compile for my own collection. Also, I did write few poems which mostly related to environment and society.

Interpersonal Communication

I am able to communicate regarding certain general topics in front of people. I believe I have the ability to attract the audience or the listeners.

Content Writing

Writing content according to specific topic or certain issues is really not an easy thing to do. However, years in Diploma in English and Bachelor in English Language and Literature have totally trained me to write things which are not according to my interest.

Debate Skills

I took courses specfically trained me to speak in front of people, and to debate eloquently.

Event Managing

There were more than five events which I have participated in terms of its' preparation and management.

Theatrical Skills

I have joined theatre performances since I was eighteen years old. Henceforth, I believe I have the ability in managing theatrical events as well as acting.


SNIPPET - A Review of Edgar Allan Poe's “The Cask of Amontillado”

            Taking into account the history or the origin of “The Cask of Amontillado” which should be considered as an extraordinary non-fiction. Edgar Allan Poe published “The Cask of Amontillado” in 1846 which was year after his visit to San Giovanni in Italy with his friend. A thorough reading through an Academic Journal of Duke University Press which reveals, “the origin of “The Cask of Amontillado” could simply put an assumption to the readers of Poe’s short story that “The Cask of Amontillado” was very much aspired from the revengeful story told to Edgar Allan Poe when he encountered the small chamber in the church of San Lorenzo” (Schick 1). Couple of years before he published “The Cask of Amontillado”, we could read his horrifyingly depressed poem “The Raven” and his other literary works.

            “The Raven” as I have read is a work with a lot of dull and gloomy images of a bird which only knows on how to articulate “nevermore” (Poe 48), marked as the most famous bothersome literary work of Edgar Allan Poe. Again, this means the years along to his writing of “The Cask of Amontillado” was the years when Poe was writing mysterious and dark stories. “The Cask of Amontillado” has a very comprehendible plot for the two main characters, Montresor and Fortunato.

Montresor maintain with the same level of characteristics from the beginning of the story. Thus, I envisioned him as a calm psychopath, visionary, and observant.

Although many would disagree with the opinion of idiolising of his well-planned revenge, but it is hardly to deny his slick and intelligent ways to make sure his homicidal plan leaves no alibi and proof. The short story begins with vengeful sentence as Poe written, “Fortunato had hurt me a thousand times and I had suffered quietly.” (69; par. 1). The story flows accordingly from the main character point of view in planning a murder towards his enemy, Fortunato. The readers are allowed to enter and embark on the same journey of the murderer. The story line extending of how the murderer views his plan, his observation, his possession, and his lunatic sight of killing a person is not a crime. The story was very nicely-written and weirdly calming successfully slowly disclosing the taste of curiosity among readers on how to observe our enemy and how to anticipate a well-planned death. Henceforth, this paper could be different than any other reviews which I have gone through.

Most of the reviews stated of how Montresor did not think of the consequences after committing such crime. “There should be bunch of questions popped up in someone’s mind to ponder before committing a murder” (Wanamaker 2). As compared to what I have viewed towards this story, Montresor actually did think of all the consequences before he executed his plan. He made sure that Fortunato was alone when he started to approach him, he put a very certain reason of why his maids should leave the house, and he buried Fortunato in an unusually deep small chamber which could be very much impossible to anyone to search for him.

Furthermore, this could be sounded maniac of how much I personally eager to get more insight of how Fortunato slowly loss of breaths and wildly gasping for air. I found the story of how Fortunato unfortunately died is rather hanging. I have the expectation of Montresor could be more psychotic by leaning against the wall which he had built just to listen of how Fortunato slowly but painfully died. On the other hand, most reviews are very much infused with the suffocating of Fortunato “Like poor Fortunato, we too are walled up in a suffocating structure from which only death — or the end of the story — can release us.” (Mc Grath 3). Also, I adore of how Montresor became very observant towards Fortunato. He searched for his weakness as he knew that he could not fight him by physically. Thus, he brilliantly uses Fortunato’s weakness to kill him which I found this as delicate and smooth.

            In a nutshell, I recommend this story to be read as the plot and psychotic mind of the main character are both nicely and calmly exposed. In fact, if the purpose of the story is to disclose the taste of revenge and death, I would say it is partially achieved its’ purpose. Indeed, the final sentence of the short story shows the sweet revenge tastes like. I expect for more thrill and suffocation of death which could be written in the fan fiction, nevertheless.

Works Cited

McGrath, Patrick. "Method To The Madness". The New York Times, 2013, p. 1,

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1 Mar 2018.

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List of Essays Which I Have Created

  1. Islamic Perspectives on Plastic Surgery
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  3. Parallelism Between The Behaviour of Early Human Beings Which Leads to Language Use
  4. Muslims and Globalisation
  5. Islamic Perspectives on Four Selected Poems
  6. Wystan Hugh Auden
  7. Ancient Greece Myths
  8. Review of 'The Asian Disease'
  9. Screen Analysis of Romeo and Juliet
  10. The Art of Persuasive Language in Presidential Speech
  11. The Industrial Revolution and Its' Effects on The Conditions of Life in 19th Century England
  12. Gothic Literature and American Gothic Tradition
  13. Review of "The Cask of Amontillado"
  14. The Replay - Short Story
  15. Years of Arakan's Catastrophe
  16. A Song Analysis Entitled 'Honeymoon Avenue'
  17. A Song and Poem Analysis
  18. A Book Review on Angus, Himself
  19. Less Home - Short Story
  20. Race Relations Essay - This End of Rainbow
  21. The Effects of Logical Fallacies Through CMC; Discourse Features
  22. Adibah Amin and Che' Husna Azhari Suggest Ways of Rising Above Ethnic and Gender Stereotypes in Malaysia
  23. Human Trafficking is Globalising
  24. Smallest Country, Monaco
  25. Contract of Al-Hibbah in Islamic Law
  26. How Much Did I Learn Throughout Introduction to Usul Al-Fiqh Classes?
  27. Islam and Scientific Knowledge
  28. The significance of Sciences of The Qur'an
  29. Quranic Terms

SNIPPET - A Review of AB Hashim's Angus, Himself

Creating a piece of literature in this 21st century is undoubtedly challenging. A.B Hashim successfully published this book in 2011 when he was 32 years old. The content of the book as a whole is revolving around a young adult love. The main character is Angus Baird who is a writer and the story has given the utmost focus towards this character. A.B Hashim had always brought up his stories whirling on young adult love stories. In his other work entitled Timid is also telling the same focus on young adult love story. In fact, Timid is a sequel to Angus, Himself. The author himself has been so passionate with young women and writing as he portrays that in this book. From a reader’s paradigm towards this opus is that, A.B Hashim tries to portray himself in this book through the character Angus Baird. He puts his passionate towards his hobbies which are photography and writing into an image of Angus Baird who has been addicted to alcohol. This probably shows that A.B Hashim has been so addicted to photography.

The author’s point of view towards young adult love is always about lust and somehow afraid of commitment, and as the reader that interpretation of love might be true if a person had been so westernized. He puts Angus as a person who addicted to alcohol and keeps making love with so many young women is proven that the author has quite a narrow selfishness. This is due to the fact that, in Asian culture we are open up to commitments and depict love should be a pure thing. Not just that, to prove of how a young adult love is afraid of commitment, the author inserts Fay Reid as supposedly be the only true love for Angus, but they split up because they do not want commitments to tie them up from being free of doing whatever they love. “I appreciate that but I simply can’t commit. The time is simply, NOT now. Yes. (149) From a reader’s perspective, the author does not have a clear point and proof to state that a young adult love is based on lust and afraid of commitment because he did not support his point adequately since he did not stating in clear details what are the commitments would be if Angus Baird and Fay Reid have been together.

In a broad sense after reading this story, the author has an expertise in writing a very straight forward poems. In fact, A.B Hashim is the only English writer from the publication of Lejen Press and since he is quite new in writing novels and poems, there are no specific evidence of any other authors are having the same point of view as him regarding the young adult love. After all, a book by Sarah Dessen entitled This Lullaby has almost the same point of view regarding the young adult love. This is somehow encouraging the idea of afraid of commitments is the fundamental of young adult love.

Stories that focus on the specific challenges of youth are sometimes referred to as problem novels or coming-of-age novels. In other words, this story is trying to highlight an issue related to social problems, which are gender, race, or class prejudice, is dramatized through its effect on the characters. This issue has been brought up by some means to challenge those young adult to prove this idea is wrong. A young adult is not always afraid of commitment, and loving based on lust.  Regrettably this story has not been related to the Asian readers because the issue is centralized with a Western culture, although Angus Baird lived in Malaysia. The author could probe more on the Asian young adult love. 

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